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 Ranks Policy

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PostSubject: Ranks Policy   Sat May 22, 2010 6:30 pm

Promotion Requirements

Recruit rank: Invited pending member

Corporal: Must have been 1 month as a Pending Member and gotten 10 points in a Membership Poll (Yes = 1 point, No opinion = 0 point, No = -3 points)

Sergeant: Must have been in clan for at least 2 months (pending time counted), friendly, have a decent amount of skill & be active. When you achieve this rank you will be able to invite new members to clan.

Lieutenant: Must have been in the clan for 3 months (pending time counted), be very active, friendly & have quite a lot of skill.

Captain: They must have been in clan for 4 months (pending time counted), be very active, friendly & very good ba'ers. They must try answering questions from all members.

General: They must have been Captain longer than a month, be very active, friendly & good ba'ers. They must try answering questions from all members. They must know how to recruit new members and be able to take some responsability as Leadership of clan. Can be earned based on BA and CC activity.

Moderator (Coordinator): You will become Moderator if you have been representing the clan in a good way (as a good Captain or General) and been helpful to all members (not rude to torso hunters either). Moderators are the leadership of the clan and they must be very active, friendly & good ba'ers. They must know how to teach new members and have patience for teaching and know how to invite new members. They must try answering questions from all members. They act as moderators in the CC and have kicking powers, and some are also in charge of a specific responsibility or have a job in clan. Moderators are promoted case by case and requires interview with clan leader or Promotion/demotion leader.

Admin (Deputy owner): They are responsible for the overall well being of the clan, they must have all the prerequisites of a Captain and have been representing the clan in a good way as Moderator. They must be patient, respectful and friendly, and do their job well. They are the deputy owners of clan. Hardest rank to earn, there can be only 4-5 deputy owners.

The Promotion
Corporal - Captain will be automatic, unless there are any negative issues:

- inactivity (well, it's not negative but we won't promote inactives)
- not showing at official clan events when you are on.
- other offences (like badmouthing in the cc).
- not being active on website/cc/ba.
- not updated name change

Name change

If you change your name without notifying baa:
1. you will not be ranked up.
2. higher risk to be removed from cc.


If you're going to be inactive for a while, please let us know in this thread. Being completely inactive for several weeks without letting us know will result in your rank being replaced with a smiley. If the inactivity continues, you will be removed from the clan altogether.

What if I'm not happy with my rank?

If you have any questions about your rank, General+ will be happy to answer them.
~~~ We are group of friends who love ba, not group of ranks. ~~~

Remember that whatever your rank is, you can still have fun chatting in the cc and playing BA with us. Even if you didn't get that promotion you were after this time, you're still a valued member of our BAA family.

Asking for a promotion might lessen your changes to get one.
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Ranks Policy
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