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 Kicking rank in CC

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PostSubject: Kicking rank in CC   Wed Jun 22, 2011 3:31 pm

Tinny mentioned to me that he wasn't able to kick from cc, so we investigated a little. After a couple of tests, it seems like the 'Generals+' setting on who can kick from chat.... allows everyone ABOVE generals to kick. So what a sensible person would call Admins+, I suppose. Dropping it down to Captains+ allowed Tin to be able to kick as general, but did not allow captains to be able to kick. So I guess that's where we want it.

Way to make sense, Jamflex Razz

I talked to someone in another cc who confirms that it's the same for them. Might be worth passing on to clan leader forum, it if's an over-all problem with the cc system, if all the kick ranks are +1? It can't be intentional, or there wouldn't be both a Deputy+ and an Owner option.
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Kicking rank in CC
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