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 Bot Busting

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PostSubject: Bot Busting   Thu May 26, 2011 2:27 am

Jagex has made a post about fighting the bots:

It's Bot Busting Time!.

Hello RuneScapers!

We have some exciting news for all of you! While our history with dealing
with cheaters tends to be veiled in secrecy in order to be more efficient,
I assure you that we wish to shout out about the actions that have been
taken against macro users. Let’s face it: we hate cheating as much as you
do, if not more. Just look below at some of these statistics concerning our
actions against macro developers.

Key macro stats

■ We have a team that work 24/7 against macros both in banning
users and breaking the bots.
■ We spend a huge amount of our tech resource as well on combating
the issue.
■ We ban hundreds of thousands of people each year for macroing,
about half of those banned are paying members.
■ We constantly work on new ways to combat bot makers and users.
■ We also pursue legal routes wherever specific macros have a significant
impact on the RuneScape community. In the last 12 months we’ve
successfully used legal action against 3 major macro developers, including
completely shutting down 2 macros and seriously damaging another.
■ We’re also involved in ongoing legal proceedings against other macro

With this in mind, our investigations team is extremely pleased to talk
to you about bot busting! If you’re as keen as we are to rid the game of
cheaters and rule-breakers, make sure to read on!...continues...

Why I find this amusing? Well, the above is not on Runescape main
page nor at the RSOF. It is posted only to Facebook,


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Bot Busting
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