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 Joining and Accepting Progress

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PostSubject: Joining and Accepting Progress   Tue May 17, 2011 11:07 pm

Why should I join BAA?

We are RuneScape's #1 gambling problem since 2008, lead by our new boss, Siniwelho. We have the best BA players anywhere.

We are made up of parents, 13 year olds who hate outdoor activites, college students who need a break from studying, player moderators who need a break from keeping you guys in line and everyone else in-between.

Unlike other ba clans that go for points or horn xp only we practise speed, test our boundaries at ba, enjoy races and play fast rounds for fun. We also allow our members do other minigames, baing isn't mantadory, but it's requirement for ranking up. Join our new clan chat "BA Addicts" and have fun.

Also BAA is invite only Clan which means that our members can decide wether or not ba with set/horn xp hunters who do not wish to join.


BA is a team game based on the skills of the player, not their combat levels. Pures will not be discriminated. We recognize that it is the level of roles, addiction to ba and attitude of the player that are most important.

Minimum requirements to join are:
3 Level 5 roles
The ability to follow our rules

In order to join you will need an invite; you can get invited by playing with our ranked members (Sergeant+) and ask them for invite round. After an invite, our potential recruits go through a "Membership poll" system, with this system, after a month of being smiley post on "List of pending members". Poll wil be created automatically after 1 month pending time and will be open for a week for BAA members to vote if they think your suitable for the clan. So use your 1 month to get to know them, show them your ba skills and that you're active and interested to join our group Wink.

After poll is closed and accepted your rank will be updated or if you don't get 10 yes votes you will be removed from the list and you will need a new invite.

You need 10 Points to become the Recruit rank in Baa. The Poll Options are as follows:

Yes - 1 Point

No Opinion/unsure - 0 Points
means usually that you have not been active enough and they have not seen you in cc or forums.

No - (-3) Points
antivouch; 3 no's mean you're out for breaking our rules.


All ranks will be updated & displayed on Lunk's Memberlist. Don't worry if your status won't show up right after you get it, it usually takes day or two to update.

1) On the first page you find list of all our members and ranks. As a pending member your rank will be smiley with small V left corner

2) Penance items/roles: We keep track of ba roles and items. when you achieve new level 5 role/full penance armor (FP)/All hats (4H) please post on Ba Stats Updates. Now you wonder why we keep track of penance items and roles? Those are our achiement medals.

Please remember! You can only be ranked in one clan at time
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Joining and Accepting Progress
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