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 Barbarian Assault Addicts Comprehensive Rules List

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PostSubject: Barbarian Assault Addicts Comprehensive Rules List   Wed May 19, 2010 5:04 am

Barbarian Assault Addicts’ Comprehensive Rules List

Follow Jagex’s rules - If you unsure about them, there are split into categories below.

Don’t take personal issues into the clan chat

Respect and abide by the chain of command – It is set up so that we can all have fun and any issues can be promptly dealt with, so follow it. If you are having troubles with what is being said then listen anyways and contact any Captain or General.

Be polite and respectful towards each other – This includes everyone, even if they can’t talk in the clan chat. If you are having a problem with a member add them to the ignore list. If you feel you can’t do this please leave the clan chat and contact a Captain or General.

Don’t ask for promotions – Don’t complain about your rank either. If you are wondering about ranks, there is a forum about them on the main page. For further questions ask Thkya.

Questionable offences - Not sure? Check this first!

Joking around - We love to joke around with friends and clan mates alike, but sometimes we go to far and break rules/upset players. Two common things joked around about are when making sexual remarks and referencing alcohol/drugs. These are not to be referenced and will result in a warning, then a report with a kick. Also when jokingly insulting a player (such as calling them a noob), make it obvious to everyone that it’s a joke or the person in question/clan moderators might get the wrong impression. Refrain from insults relating to the real word as well.

Spam - Two Types:

Spamming in repetition (flooding) – First of all. saying things like “go to wave 1” or “Race you!” is not considered spam to everyone but should be used in moderation. Saying these type of clan related remarks should be limited to three times every thirty seconds; you will not be timed but this gives you a rough idea of how to say what needs to be said without flooding the chat. Any other type of repetition will not be tolerated and will result in a warning, if continued will result in a kick.

Spamming v off topic chat – Some people believe that going on about a non-clan related subject is spam. Well this is dependent on the chatter going on. Obviously if they are receiving feedback it is just regular chat. If they are the only one talking AND nobody is bothered by it, it is not spam; otherwise you will be asked to stop, followed by a kick. If others are talking and you are sending three plus messages per chat box, then it is spam (flooding in this case) as you are interrupting conversations; you will be asked to stop, followed by a kick.

Advertising Websites – Talking about the clan site can be done in public, but mention the url should be done in the clan chat or private chat to avoid confrontation from other players. If the site is Runescape related (such as Runehq) and does not talk about rule breaking/cheating then discuss it and it’s url in the clan chat or private chat. If the site is not Runescape related (such as Youtube or Google) then only discuss appropriate material (no discussing sexual, drug/alcohol, personal details).

Relationships – Runescape is not a dating service and it is against the rules to seek other players as boy/girlfriends. If such a relationship does occur in the clan, do not talk about the relationship in the clan chat. Also, while in the clan chat we are all clan members and friends, not boy/girlfriends so act accordingly.

Discussing Bugs – It is okay to discuss a bug and what it does, but discussing how it works or how to abuse it is against the rules; you will be warned, followed by a kick.

Personal Details – It is okay the ask where someone is living/from (general area like what part of a state: ex. I live in East Central Illinois), first name, and/or age. But if the person does not wish to share this information, drop it; otherwise you will be given a warning, followed by a kick. Asking specific information will result in a warning, followed by a kick.

For any other questions contact any Captain or General. If they can't help you, they will find someone who can.
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Barbarian Assault Addicts Comprehensive Rules List
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