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 Fairy Tale III extra rewards by Siniwelho

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PostSubject: Fairy Tale III extra rewards by Siniwelho   Wed May 19, 2010 5:04 am

It seems that this quest has many extra rewards. I suggest that you
read the RSOF thread:


1) You can get the Tooth Fairy's pet by speaking to her again (after
the quest she and Fairy queen will be in the throne room where the
slayer master Chaeldar is). You will need some teeth to get the pet,
check the details from the above RSOF thread.

2) You can use the Fairy ring code CLR to go to the Ape Atoll, but you
need a small ninja monkey greegree to fit through the log.

3) Herbs and herb seeds if your herblore is 85 or higher. Dunno if
boosts will work. Use the Fairy ring code ALP and search the
mushrooms south-east of the ring.

4) Mine the rubble north of the fairy ring code ALP with a pickaxe to
get a shortcut to south of Jiggig.

5) Access to Mos'Le Harmless using the Fairy rings: take 8 planks, 16
nails, a saw and a hammer. Use the Fairy rung code DIP and fix the
bridge then go to Mos'Le Harmless and use the portal there to gain
access to the second bridge, fix that one too.

6) 10k firemaking exp if you have 85+ fm. You can build a fire beside
K'tuch for an everlasting fire! Requires 8 willow logs.

7) Speak first to Martin the Master Farmer in Draynor and then to any
farmer near the farming patches to get them to weed your patches
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Fairy Tale III extra rewards by Siniwelho
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