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PostSubject: Re: BAA.   Wed Sep 05, 2012 9:37 am

I haven't really helped out the clan a lot since I've come back but I'm willing to spend a few hours at world 6 everyday to find possible recruits for the clan, and anything else that may be needed to be done Razz

I'm staying at my grandmothers house until Thursday then will be out with my mates until Saturday or Sunday but will be happy to start out with the recruiting in world 6 then
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PostSubject: Re: BAA.   Tue Sep 04, 2012 8:07 am

Looking at the last 7 months of invites:

- Kills Softly: old member who rejoined. she's still around and active, but i'm not sure how much she feels like a part of the clan (in the sense of how many other clan members know her well). she also hasn't been on webbie since her invite date

- Zyenne (Wakaye): rejoined for a bit after quitting rs, but probably busy with irl stuff. she had helped a lot with the clan in the past, and had some good ideas about recruitment (mentoring system) that might be worth looking at

- Hexical: main reason I started from 7 months ago instead of 6. comes to events regularly, eager to help out the clan, plays ba regularly, and involved in records. probably the best example of a quality new recruit.

- Dh4r0king: didn't pass poll. i don't think he ba'ed that often, but was sort of active and talked in cc now an then.

- DefenderHere: plays ba a lot, probably among the most regular ba'ers in the clan. Unfortunately, normal event time is generally bad for australian members (like around 5am in the morning for them), so he hasn't been that involved with clan/event/webbie stuff.

- Luxus Kontor (Luedy): he's been pretty active until recently. came to events pretty regularly, knows people in the clan, pretty good at ba.

- Andeers: rejoined, but disappeared again

- Lifeless Poo (0whitesheep0's alt): she's still around; comes on webbie and to events now and then. pretty good at ba. i don't really know her well enough to say much else

- Tree Patch: did not pass poll, inactive

- Dwayne Dibly: he's still in clan, and I see him in cc now and then. hasn't been on webbie for a few months, and idk how often he ba's. i'm not sure how many members know him and how many other members he knows

- Mr Known: he's still in cc on this account, though i haven't seen him in a while. not sure if he's quit rs or busy playing castle wars on his main

- Mikronet: i don't think she's on rs much, but she comes to events now and then

- Rietz (re-invited/no poll): good to have him back. active player, comes to events, good at ba, reads webbie often, runs leech ba chat.

- Goddelijke: passed poll, but haven't seen him much since.

- Okkotonushi: active player, comes to events regularly. was enthusiastic about helping in sc cup. helped in 24h queen attempt and got 50k points in the ba points competition that week. he's (unofficially for now) the citadel manager, and generally interested in helping out.

- Poison Tofu (a dh's alt): haven't seen her on much in cc. i think her main is still in trident

- Requiem Emko: active player, though idk if she has ba'ed as much recently. comes to events now and then i think, but hasn't been on webbie much.

- Poochyana: didn't pass poll, haven't seen her in cc that much

- Farm to Love: he's not on in-game cc list anymore, which explain why i haven't seen him. poll coming up though

- Prism Music: old member, pretty active, came to events. idk if she ba's as much, and not sure how many people know her now either

- Snois: came to events, somewhat active. don't really know him that well

- Astrwo: i don't know him that well, but he's active, and ba's pretty regularly, mainly with leech ba i think.

- Xeqtor: he's in cc now and then, though i haven't seen him say anything in cc.

- R y a n n: active, ba's regularly, comes to events, good at ba; would suggest giving him clan member access on webbie so he has more of a reason to go on it

- Brave Dai: active, ba's regularly, good at ba, comes to events when on i think. don't know him that well

Looking purely at this, I would actually say that our retention rate is higher than in the past, though there are some "new" members who were already ba regulars or previous members.

Still, I think it's apparent that new members are more likely to stay if they know other people in the clan, come to events, and feel like they fit in. What can we do to promote that? and what made you guys decide to stay in the clan when you first joined?
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PostSubject: Re: BAA.   Tue Sep 04, 2012 7:11 am

Shado wrote:
However I do think the sorta "mass recruiting" thing could work, with testing skill and an invite round, Sd, I don't know how this worked for you, so if you could post a little something here about it, i'd appreciate that.

I basically planted a vex and stood at wave 1 for a couple hours. If I saw someone who was all/most lvl 5's and looked decent, I would look up their adv log to see if they were in a clan already. If not, I would ask if they wanted to join a ba clan, then did a round if they said yes (after inviting them to cc). Most of the "invite rounds" weren't as intensive as one would normally be, but they all knew how to ba decently (at the very least in the role they did in the invite round). After the round, I would ask them to add me, and then explain the pending poll, and mention how to find our site. I'm not sure if most of them besides Penance Cat (Jarkal) would actually make an account though, unless they feel more like they're part of the clan.

For quality, it might be better to try scrolling decent people and maybe offering to invite after a round, idk.

Anyway, here's my thoughts on the individual recruits:

- Crystal 492: She didn't talk much and mentioned she was lagging a bit, but did a decent job healing and attacking in another round. Didn't see her def though, but she was lvl 5 all. I don't think she knew about running west, and originally filled vial at start of waves. That's not unexpected if she was playing mostly with less experienced randoms though.

- Aeisuhr: asked to join because she saw the vex. she didn't have 3 lvl 5's at the time of invite, but said she'd get them in the next 24-48 hours. she also asked if we had a citadel and said she would cap every week; seems like she could be loyal member. only saw her att and coll though, but she knew about running west already. she also mentioned the cc being quiet when nobody responded when i asked "anyone for w1?"

- JTIAIC: did a round with him as att, and he used darts (44 combat level), so he probably has decent ba experience. not sure how he is at other roles, but he's lvl 5 att/def/heal. i'm assuming he has a main or something. still have to mention pending poll and webbie to him at some point.

- Kaltewind: was att during invite round, ran west after i asked him to. said he hadn't played rs in 2 years though. lvl 5 all, but haven't seen him in other roles, though he did offer to switch to heal on higher waves

- Chopped07: asked to join because he saw vex, was def during the round, and did a decent job. lvl 5 coll/def/heal

- Penance Cat: he had asked to join about 2 weeks ago, but hadn't done invite round until yesterday. I think he's been ba'ing pretty regularly though, and did a good job healing during his invite round. He seemed pretty enthusiastic and made a webbie account after i mentioned it, and he also made an introduction thread in the BAA lobby section. His def was ok, but slightly below clan standards (although still better than some higher-ups in clan). I would say he's the most likely to stay.

As a side note, I was recruiting between 10PM and 2AM EST (3AM-7AM BST), so most of them probably aren't european members.

They all seemed to be nice enough people, and some are active so far. I'm not sure how often they play BA normally, but not many of our older members BA that often either. I think most of them probably don't know anyone in the clan, so some type of training and outreach program would be very helpful. I don't think I'll personally have the time for it though, so if anyone else could help, that'd be great. Obviously, we need effort from existing higher-up clan members to get new recruits involved and familiar with the clan. Are there enough people willing and able to do that, and is it worth the additional effort?

Also, it might be helpful to consider the expectations of new recruits. This varies based on how much they already knew about the clan (ie. wanting to join already, compared to being recruited while knowing nothing about BAA). If they make a webbie account, then they'll get the welcome message, but many new recruits might be less willing to do that at first. What else can we do in-game to tell new recruits what BAA is all about? Maybe could point them to the RSOF thread. Any other ideas?
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PostSubject: Re: BAA.   Tue Sep 04, 2012 4:58 am

First things first, THE CLAN IS NOT DEAD, NOR IS IT DYING! Yes, fair, BA isn't what it was, and this has decreased us.
I am proud to lead a great community of friends, wouldn't have it any other way.

Okay, we've figured out that the recruitment group DOESNT WORK, so we'll have to either rework that to be more "RECRUIT RECRUIT RECRUIT" or scrap the idea.

As to open up to horn fillers, it's the whole "I'll use this clan 'till i'm done" it defeats the point of BAA, in my opinion, and I don't think we'd have a happy clan with people taking huge advantage of us, however I do see the benefit, so it's something we'll have to work on, and test in the future.

As to opening up invites, go for it, but as i've seen in the past, we get better qualities of players when we do invite only, however I feel that the RSOF should have a full time active updater, as all previous ones have quit, so I'd like to ask for someone to do that, and one of us will rework it later in the future, this should allow people to see us, and see all of our updated info as some people do look for us on the forums. We could show ourselves as "Recruiting" to gain interest, but then have a round with them, and see how they go etc, (hidden invite round) if you get my idea.

However I do think the sorta "mass recruiting" thing could work, with testing skill and an invite round, Sd, I don't know how this worked for you, so if you could post a little something here about it, i'd appreciate that.

Soo, here is what i'm thinking, we could test each one of these methods, for a period of time, to see which idea brings the best QUALITY of players to BAA, and we'll work from there.

Before any of this comes into effect, we should think about surviving the EOC, and see what happens from there on.

Thanks a lot
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PostSubject: Re: BAA.   Tue Sep 04, 2012 3:57 am

I can recruit people on Ukko Shalala if I find someone who is nice and good at BA. I had one person in mind and they said they would join but they only do the attack role -.-
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PostSubject: Re: BAA.   Mon Sep 03, 2012 7:02 pm

Ok, so how do we get new people involved with the clan, especially those who don't know anyone already? The welcome committee was a good idea, though it didn't work out I guess. What else could we do, that doesn't involve too much time input/people to step up?

Also, would it be worthwhile to give clan member forum access to active new members, so they have more of a reason to use webbie?
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PostSubject: Re: BAA.   Mon Sep 03, 2012 2:34 pm

Also, if we want to increase recruitment, we need people to either stand in w1 looking for people or ba more. We might also need a training program or something to maintain ba quality, if we lower the invite standards.

Either way, we'd probably need more manpower to increase recruitment. Unfortunately, I usually won't have the time to do this; any volunteers? There's also the question of whether it's worth the extra effort involved, since I think the clan is a long way from dying.
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PostSubject: Re: BAA.   Mon Sep 03, 2012 11:48 am

I wouldn't say the clan is dying. We have a relatively loyal base of older members, as well as some newer members within the last few months who are active and involved. And, in general, people don't usually leave unless there's some irl stuff, or during clan leadership changes. Even if people lose their initial interest in BA, most of our members stay with the clan while they pursue other rs goals. In that sense, I don't see a major problem there.

I'd prefer having members who stick with the clan for their entire RS careers (as sini put it), but if we're going for quantity in recruitment, here's some ideas:

- Less strict invite policies: basically drop the invite-only part, but still require the 3 lvl 5's. However, this would likely lead to a decline in the quality (ie. how good they are at ba) of newer members, but perhaps some of them would stay.

- Open up to horn fillers: as it stands, the majority of newer people come to BA are horn fillers (and torso hunters, but I'm not counting them). The good thing about the horn is that people will play BA for many hours if they're going for a 99, which means there's an incentive to be good at BA. The bad thing is most of them might leave after they're done filling their horn. Still, this is probably the largest source of potential recruits, although most horn fillers might already be in a clan.

And some ideas for getting people to stay:
- Build clan loyalty by getting people involved. Mainly, this has been in the form of getting people interested in events, and active on the webbie, but there's probably other possibilities
- Let newer members get to know other members. Currently, they usually meet other clan members at events or in w6 BA.
- Increase BA activity among older members. This is tricky though, so it's hard to get someone back to BA if they lose interest. I'm perfectly fine with members who don't BA as much anymore, but still stay loyal to the clan. Still, could try to get them to train agi/mine/fm so they go fill horn or something.

Personally, I don't feel there's major problems atm. The biggest issue in the near future is probably the EoC. Other than that, we have enough loyal members to last at least a few years. We're far from the point where we need to sacrifice clan values for the sake of getting more people. Of course, we still need new members, but I'd prefer not to choose quantity over quality.

As a postnote, we could try active recruiting sessions in world 6 and see if that works out, if there's enough interest.
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PostSubject: BAA.   Mon Sep 03, 2012 11:19 am

As Phyzin brought up an issue that caused a lot of discussion, so I have opened this topic.
if you were not here for the discussion today, then it was in general "BAA is dying, what should we do?" I freely admit Baa was not how it was, and I would like to know your views on this, and what should we do about it, without forcing people to BA.

I have opened this up to all members, because I feel everyone should have a say in this matter.


~ Shado.
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PostSubject: Re: BAA.   

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