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 A Guide to the Competitive Realm of Fist of Guthix

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PostSubject: Re: A Guide to the Competitive Realm of Fist of Guthix   Thu Aug 30, 2012 9:47 pm

Nice guide Very Happy I should really play some more FoG o-O
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PostSubject: Re: A Guide to the Competitive Realm of Fist of Guthix   Sat Aug 11, 2012 1:27 am

I found a few really good competitive matches on youtube for f2p fog - by far better than p2p =P
If you're new to competitive fog, you can learn A LOT about it by watching these vids.


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PostSubject: A Guide to the Competitive Realm of Fist of Guthix   Fri Aug 10, 2012 8:42 pm

A Guide to the Competitive Realm of Fist of Guthix

I meant to write a guide sharing my knowledge of Fist of Guthix a while back, though it never quite happened. Now, with the Evolution of Combat release on schedule, it may seem to be a futile effort with what's essentially going to be a complete revamp of what we've all known and used for years.

Nevertheless, guides on the dynamic area of online games will always seem to be outdated at one point or another. Originally a "what is" to the eventually documentation of "what was". It was intriguing to reread some of my written guides on Barbarian Assault and Dungeoneering especially, (Essentially since it was pretty much written in my rage for the slower bunch; the tone was indeed a funny read.) to say the least.

An Introduction

Fist of Guthix is essentially player versus player combat, watered-down into two distinct roles; "The Hunted" and "The Hunter" of what is simply put, the art of minimizing damage and the art of dealing it respectively. You might be thinking, "Wait, what! There's only ever two extremes of the spectrum there. Players just beginning to train magic and those maxed players looking for a full set of hybrid equipment. Since when was Fist of Guthix a competitive activity?" Unfortunately, you're right; it only ever attracts those players and it doesn't make for a competitive environment. In fact, the word "Competitive" and the Gielinor god Guthix hardly coincide.

The only competition exists in a extremely select niche of players who choose to obtain high ranks/ratings in this minigame, for no particular experience benefit or any benefit for that matter. Fist of Guthix was always meant to be one of those places the average player would visit perhaps only a few times in their scaping career. And perhaps that will never change, even after reading this guide, and especially after the combat rework. But with hundreds of hours going into specializing in "one or the other", I can tell you that there may yet be still some insight left in this dying era of combat. So read on if you're still interested!

The Basics

After a duration in the waiting room, players are paired indiscriminately and assigned either the task of "The Hunted" or "The Hunter" in a medium-sized circular cave.

The Hunted: Their task is to collect as many charges as possible using a "stone of power", which collects them at a rate relative to their proximity towards the middle. Charges are collected notably faster on the "fist" located in the middle in comparison to the circumference or edges of the map. Unfortunately, the hunter exists to minimize the charges the hunted gains, which you'll be responsible to mitigate in some manner. Avoiding the hunter lies in the theory that the hunter will have more difficulty in locating the hunted as they become closer to the circumference of the cave. It becomes progressively less accessible and therefore, more challenging and time-consuming for the hunter to find the hunted. This is compensated by the fact that it is less rewarding in terms of the rate of gaining charges, as the distance between the hunted and the edge of the cave decreases. The player is also provided with five bandages, each healing a hundred and fifty lifepoints for further aid.

Note that the aspects of all player statistics are involuntarily weakened based on proximity towards the middle.

The Hunter: Their task is to find your prey and "Volt Tackle" them into oblivion. Additionally, all attacks in this role are made super-effective (Only in terms of accuracy; Maximum damage does not change.).; Again, relative to the hunted's proximity towards the middle. Searching for your opponent lies in the theory that because a greater rate of obtaining charges is based on their proximity towards the center, the "hunted" will naturally gravitate towards the middle, which in your favor, as it easily accessible from all areas of the cave.

The first phase of the game is complete when the player assigned the hunted dies. Then, the roles are switched. Whoever has the most amount of charges after, wins a small amount of Fist of guthix tokens and some rating depending on the disparity between the number of charges and the combat level of both players.

*Differences between Free-to-play and Members Fist of Guthix

- The combat levels of your opponents are generally far lower than that of what would be found on a member's server.
- Games are relatively slower in Free-to-play servers, and thus, the rate of tokens and rating are lower. This is simply due to the fact that members deal more damage than free players.
- The hunted's role doesn't change, but in comparison between both metagames, the gameplay in members is far more vast than in Free-to-play. I can describe the most common and definitively most useful setup in a few words.

Basic tactics entail carrying two or more styles to overwhelm the hunted's defenses (Usually by means of prayer and to a lesser extent, armor.). Magic and ranged attack styles are used primarily from a distance, as their average damage tends to be slightly lower than that of the melee style. Since the hunted is usually concentrated on solely defending, their relative lifepoints are usually quite high, so bringing out the "knock-out" weapon won't do any good as your damage per second will just go down. However, it remains an option for those looking for an advantage early on.

Melee: Rune Scimitar, or alternative "Speed:6" weaponry such as Rune sword or Gravite rapier. Gravite two-hander also makes its statement by powerful hits, while also being a tick faster than normal two-handers. As such, its average damage actually rivals the former suggestions. Plus, you can punish your opponent a fair bit more than the rune scimitar for not having the right protection prayer up on time.

Ranged: Maple shortbow, or the more accurate but degrading Gravite shortbow. Adamant arrows are recommended as ammunition is automatically retrieved in this minigame.

Magic: Fire Blast. Staves are optional but not necessary or recommended. Since magic is the weakest form of damage, it serves as a fodder style to ranged in combat from a distance. Bind is also quite useful to prevent (More accurately, slow down) those who run around or into houses to minimize damage.

"The Hunted"'s Role

When the player is assigned this role, they are teleported to the edge of the cave near a stone dispenser. Take a stone and equip it to begin gathering charges. The hunter will be placed in the cave on the edge furthest away from you. For example, if the hunted spawns far south in the cave, the hunter will be placed far north. From here on, different strategies (if you already know your opponent.) and tactics can be employed in the first "quarter" of the game. Most of what I'm about to describe is commonly regarded as having "No Honor", and some players will very well be enraged. I am not encouraging or discouraging the practice of these methods. But firstly, I'll go through what is commonly regarded as dishonorable play.

- Detours. Any sort of movement besides making the way to the center or fist immediately after retrieving the stone of power.
- Crowding. Having other players or familiars on top of you, which makes attacking difficult.
- Running. Using the houses and portals to maneuver is frowned upon, especially on member's servers. The only acceptable case of running is to avoid crowding.
- Rocking. Using the rocks near the center to momentarily "trap" melee attackers.
- What else? Taunting?
- ???
- Profit!

You may wondering why exactly people regard these actions as dishonorable, jokes aside. In my honest opinion, I don't think they are. All these tactics are clearly the way the game is intended to be played, and are perfectly viable to use. The only reason I personally don't utilize these tactics is because it lengthens the time of the game, which in turns, lowers my rate of gaining both tokens and rating. But anyways...

As stated earlier, the rate at which charges are gathered is relative to the hunted's proximity towards the middle. The mechanics of this lies in the squares that the hunted visits. These squares compose regions, which provide a set amount of charges that never change, again, rooted on the relative distance from the middle. Knowing the outside boundaries of these regions can potentially help avoid contact with the hunter while still maximizing your rate of gathering charges. The only charge values that can be gained are 28, 21, 15, 10, 6, and 3.

Construction in Progress.

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PostSubject: Re: A Guide to the Competitive Realm of Fist of Guthix   

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A Guide to the Competitive Realm of Fist of Guthix
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