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 Skilling Cup - Mining

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PostSubject: Skilling Cup - Mining   Sun Jul 04, 2010 8:26 am

The first week of the skilling cup starts next week (July 5 - July 11), and we need to register a list of 10 people by tomorrow.

If you're participating, there will be a commitment of at least 5 hrs of mining during the week.

Idk if shado already has a list, but to help with getting a list of 10 people, I made a list of everyone who is registered for the skilling cup who has 80+ mining.

We need to register by people's USER names (original/login name), so the format for this list is:

Current name / (user name) / mining level + boost from familiar

Bodicato / (Bodicato) / 99+7
Das Loupah / (Das Loupah) / 83+10
Sivamistica / (Sivamistica) / 82+7
Thkya / (Thkya?) / 83+10
Ewieke / (Ewieke) / 88+7
Creslin / (???) / 86+7
Wilder / (Redep11) / 95+7
Lunkwill84 / (Lunkwill84) / 91+7
1515555 / (???) / 92+1
Hatmon ko U / (hatmon?) / 99+10
James Juicee / (jlt88?) / 85+10
Colinross / (colinross) / 85+10
Brianlyons / (Brianlyons) / 99+1
Domy / (Domented Sin) / 87+10
Olive Fairy / (Randomice19?) / 82+7
Ultimasayan / (Ultimasayan?) / 99+10
Nibbyus / (Nibbyus) / 98+10
Bluuueangel / (Bluuueangel) / 81+1
Sd1011 / (Sd1011) / 88+10
Not Bevon / (???) / 93+10
Wakaye / (Wakaye) / 85+1
Cantristenon / (Cantristenon) / 94+10

The user names that are ??? are the ones i don't know, and there's a question mark after user names i'm not sure of. Correct if anything is wrong.

A lot of those people I haven't seen on recently, but if anyone could contact them and ask if they're interested, that would help.

For people under 80 mining who still want to help, I think we'll need runners to bank ores and scout which deposits are open.

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PostSubject: Re: Skilling Cup - Mining   Sun Jul 04, 2010 8:26 am

Current List:

1. Bodicato
2. Ultimasayan (will be in Thailand, but may be able to get on. wanted to be signed up as reserve)
3. Diddy264
4. Redep11 (current display name: Wilder)
5. Cantristenon (be careful of censor on forums)
6. Bluuueangel
7. brianlyons
8. Nibbyus
9. Ewieke
10. Sd1011

This is the current list, if you know anyone who would want to join, post here or tell me in clan.

Sini will post the list at 9PM GMT on July 4th, so if you want to sign up/drop out/change things, post or contact before then.

List is final.

Copy and paste version below (for rsof):

Clan Name: Barbarian Assault Addicts
User Names of our 10 participants:
1. Bodicato
2. Ultimasayan
3. Diddy264
4. Redep11
5. Cantristenon (* is an r)
6. Bluuueangel
7. brianlyons
8. Nibbyus
9. Sd1011
10. Ewieke

Preview post to check if any names are censored.

EDIT: ewi gets censored if he's 9th, so changed his place on list. Should be fine now.
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PostSubject: Re: Skilling Cup - Mining   Mon Jul 05, 2010 8:36 am

If anyone needs me as a dropper/runner, just let me know ahead of time. I will be free most of this week.
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PostSubject: Re: Skilling Cup - Mining   

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Skilling Cup - Mining
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