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 SC Scoring and Strategy

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PostSubject: SC Scoring and Strategy   Fri Jul 02, 2010 9:25 am

Last edited: Monday 7/19 - new thread is up.

SC Scoring and Strategies

After a lot of testing (thanks to everyone who helped), we basically figured out how the team scores for sc are calculated:

At the END OF THE GAME, the clay held by each TEAM MEMBER, in people's FAMILIARS, and in the BASE are added up as follows:

30 pts per processed c1; 15 pts per UNprocessed c1
60 pts per processed c2; 30 pts per UNprocessed c2
90 pts per processed c3; 45 pts per UNprocessed c3
120 pts per processed c4; 60 pts per UNprocessed c4
150 pts per processed c5; 75 pts per UNprocessed c5

2 pts per rune (either type)
30 pts per summoning scroll
2 pts per c1 arrow
4 pts per c2 arrow
6 pts per c3 arrow
8 pts per c4 arrow
10 pts for c5 arrow

If you only skill, your contribution to the team score will be the same as your indiv score before depositing and approximately one-third of your indiv score after depositing.


If there are already 128 items in the base, and new items are added, the oldest items (ones that were deposited earliest) will DISAPPEAR. That means they will NOT count toward the team score at the end of the game...

To prevent this, we can "reset" stackable items to the bottom of the list of items to disappear. If any items are added or removed from a pile of stackable items, that should be enough to reset it.
We will need to assign one person to take 15 of every arrow, both types of runes, and 1 scroll every few min, and then put them back. How often they will need to do that depends on how often we deposit non-stackable items. I think every 3-5 min should be ok, and then definitely once when there's 5 min remaining.

This also means that:

- DAMAGE AND KILLS DO NOT ADD TO THE TEAM SCORE. However, killing enemies with ITEMS will lower their team score. This means that there is no reason to kill no-itemers, and only kill 1-itemers for defense, or to distract them from skillers.
- For team score, it might be better to hide in a cloud than to deposit all your items when the game is about to end (especially if you have a lot of food/non-stackable items).
- You will not get points for PKing loot if you do not pick it up (and hold it until the end of the game) or deposit it. In most cases, the only items worth picking up are stackables (runes, arrows, scrolls) and possibly food and unprocessed clay.
- Pickpocketing items will take away from the other team score and add to ours (as long as you keep the item until end of game or deposit).
- Using up runes, food, or barriers loses "potential points", BUT it is worth it for self-defense in most cases.

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PostSubject: Re: SC Scoring and Strategy   Fri Jul 02, 2010 9:25 am


Based on how the scoring system works, it seems that it would be effective to assign the following roles: skillers, 1-itemers/scouts, mages, and base organizer.

SKILLERS (majority of people):

- Get clay and make items (mostly stackable) from it. Share clay with each other in the beginning for a faster start. One person should deposit some c5 daggers in the base early.
- Make armor and food for self-defense. I think the best set-up is full melee armor with a staff, runes, and a dagger. IMO, mages are less of a threat than one-itemers because staffs are horrible at breaking barriers and mage has less dps.
- Barriers are important, every skiller should have 4 of them.
- Put most of your food in familiars, and 3-4 in your inv. Set your summoning left-click option to Take BOB.
- Know where the nearest fog cloud is. Use protect/deflect prayers while running, and don't forget to eat.
- Put the stackable items made into your familiar every 1-2 trips. If you die, then your familiar will drop everything it was carrying, so you can pick it back up and deposit.
- If possible, stick together in 1-2 major groups.
- Call for help when needed and give the location.
- The mystic in your base will heal you if you talk to him.

1-ITEMERS/SCOUTS (3-6 people):

- Because of how the scoring system works, it seems better to 1-item than to use up food and runes, which loses potential points.

- When the game starts, each 1-itemer should run in a separate direction (1 to nw corner, 1 to se corner, and 1 diagonally toward other base). Say the locations of any c4/c5 resources (especially those near kilns) and the altar.
- Organization is important, 1-itemers are ineffective when separate. The 1-itemers should set a meeting spot (probably one of the resources we control).
- Do not bother with no-itemers. The important targets are skillers, mainly those in mage robes who have no melee defenses. It's also important to kill 1-itemers to protect our skillers.
- Attack the enemy skillers who are separate from the main group. The less there are, the easier it will be to kill one of them.
- Call for help when needed and give the location.

MAGES (1-3 people):

- At the very least, have a staff and 200-600 of each rune. The main purpose is to FREEZE running skillers, not to deal damage. In sc, ice barrage freezes for approx 5 seconds, not the usual 20. You will be able to refreeze again on the 3rd cast after the original freeze.
- Use clouds effectively. Hide in them to minimize damage, but watch out for pickpocketers.
- It wouldn't hurt to have melee armor and food, in case of 1-itemers. Don't forget to pray.
- Know how to farcast.
- Ancients is preferred, but lunar can work too.


- At the beginning of the game, check mystic and announce what c4 and c5 there are. This saves a little time for scouters and helps skillers know which tools to make.
- Make sure to reset stackables (every type of arrow, runes, summoning scrolls) every few minutes by taking out any amount or putting in any amount.
- You don't need to stay in base the whole time, but try to stay near it.

This is all I can think of for now. I'll add more as people point them out or I think of them. It'd be helpful if everyone who's participating in combined cup on saturday reads this, direct them to this thread.

PS: If we want to be evil, we can send people with full invs of semi-useless non-stackable items to die near their base and fill up their base with junk. Examples of semi-useless items would be pray pots, low-class food, barriers, etc. Something that people would pick up for score.

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PostSubject: Re: SC Scoring and Strategy   Fri Jul 02, 2010 4:34 pm

one question:
does taking items from base be reduced from your personal score?
I remember in past when I tested "take item - bank" cuz sum1 said it was more items <.< it let me take runes/scroll from base till my personal score was 0, then i wasn't allowed to take anything from base untill i got personal score up again.
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PostSubject: Re: SC Scoring and Strategy   Sat Jul 03, 2010 5:08 am

"does taking items from base be reduced from your personal score?"

Yes, you'd lose the same amount of indiv points as you would get for depositing the items.

But, to "reset" stackables to the bottom of the disappearing list, any amount can be removed/added.
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PostSubject: Re: SC Scoring and Strategy   

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SC Scoring and Strategy
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