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 Thanks BAA!

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PostSubject: Re: Thanks BAA!   Thu Nov 24, 2011 4:19 am

You're welcome and goodbye

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PostSubject: Thanks BAA!   Thu Nov 24, 2011 4:09 am

My time in RS is ending for now. Only a few hours until my membership
runs out. If you think it was an easy decision I can tell you it wasn't -
it was the hardest I have made in a long time. Luckily there are many
wonderful memories I can take with me, for example:

- Das owning in Rated Clan Wars
- Deps giving random presents before Christmas
- Downed gaining combat levels
- Fireheart in our clan hiscores (others 0 kills, Fire about 250 kills)
- Olive entering the cc
- Rietz changing his display name every 3 days
- Shado dressed as a big papaya
- Sini-race

I want to thank all current and ex-members for building BAA to what it is
today: the best BA clan in Runescape. I will miss you all - well, except
Jagex. Evil or Very Mad

However there are five persons who have spent so much time and effort
in me that they deserve a special mention. Here they are in alphabetical
order (and yes, pun intended):

Blue - I have written how I feel about Blue in an other thread so I won't
repeat it here. Blue was the first person I called a friend in BAA - that
was in summer 2008. We have seen it all: from the classic race duels
between our best 1st attackers Chollinator and Blue (yes, we had 1st and
2nd attacker back then because we used double heals on some waves) to
today's random adventures. I especially liked questing with Blue - never
seen so many gravestones. Razz

Ewieke - it says a lot that for a couple of years we could make new
records only if "Ewo" was in the team. He is fast, very fast, extremely
fast! It doesn't matter if it’s a question of healing wave 10 or losing
his bank - he will do it fast. He has usually been there what ever I have
done in RS. And because of that he is probably totally bald now. Three
years of tearing your hair out cannot go without consequences. But I
still wonder how many times Ewi started a "Kick Sini?" vote when I was
in his dung team. Every time? Twice on a floor? Every 5 seconds?

Psyduck - "Anka" is hard to describe. You can expect anything from him,
but fortunately he is a master of expressing himself because he has a
much larger vocabulary than Quake (besides using the quick chat Psy can
also say "Dumma unge"). Poor Anka - he liked healing but then the curse
of the high levels made him an attacker. I valued the herb runs, peng
hunts and general time I spent with him because of the ease of
communication: a few plz's was enough conversation for an hour.

Quakeddoom - "Duck" is the person who started "the modern BA age".
Before him we just played BA, but Quake began to experiment things and
found several ways to improve our race times. The Project 20 me and
Quake started in late 2008 was the first organized effort for better race
times. It worked well, actually too well because we missed all 19 min
times. We went directly from 20:xx to 18:xx. But most of us agree that
Quick Chat should have been named "Quake Chat" because it is his native

Sd1011 - he seems to be an odd person in this group. He doesn't even
have a nickname and you certainly won't see him fooling around. He is
probably a Greek - born somewhere on the 3rd century BC because stoicism
and laconic answers are his trademarks. I envy his performance because
what ever he decides to do he does so extremely well. He could easily replace
anyone - you, me and even Mod Timbo. And he has done it at least for me
and Timbo. Having him around made nearly impossible tasks trivial. But
one day he will learn what small talk is - and then the world won't be the
same any more.

Before I leave I will set Sd as a temporary leader. He will act as a leader
until the leader poll ends.

Sini signing out

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Thanks BAA!
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